Todd Burrier: The Process 2 (english)

Todd Burrier: The Process 2 (english)

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Todd’s book “The Process” for building a residual income with referral marketing as well as his fundamentals and leadership trainings, have become immensely popular and have made a positive impact on thousands of people.
The Process is simple to work and it´s a proven concept – developed from more than 25 years of experience.
Enthusiasm and belief are the driving forces in referral marketing and approach, information, follow up and serve are the core activities. This book will help you to be as effective as possible in these activities. Don´t let chance determine your success. This book provides answers to the most common challenges faced in the daily work of a networker.

  • How to maximize your effectiveness when your time is limited
  • Prioritize your work in the right way
  • How to track your contacts for maximum results
  • Open the right doors in your approaches
  • Use your energy effectively and create momentum
  • Transform your doubts
  • How to provide outstanding service
  • Leadership and soft skills

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