Todd Burrier: The Process II (english)

Todd Burrier: The Process II (english)

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Todd’s first book “The Process – the fun and easy way to build an income stream for life,” as well as his fundamentals and leadership trainings, have become immensely popular and have made a positive impact on thousands of people.

The Process is simple to work and it´s a proven concept – developed from more than 20 years of experience. So why part 2? Todd closed the first book with the words “is this all there is? – Well, yes and a little no”. Because even a “simple” process can be more effective with practice and efficient workflow. These topics have been further refined in this book and it is the guideline for your daily action plan:

  • How to maximize your effectiveness when your time is limited
  • Prioritize your work in the right way
  • How to track your contacts for maximum results
  • Open the right doors in your approaches
  • Use your energy effectively and create momentum
  • Transform your doubts
  • How to provide outstanding service
  • Leadership and soft skills

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Todd Burrier: The Process (englisch)
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