Todd Burrier: 6 Decisions for Success (Audio-CD)(englisch)

Todd Burrier: 6 Decisions for Success (Audio-CD)(englisch)

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The Six Decisions for Success is an inspirational how to for anyone pursuing any endeavor. Successfully accomplishing something is truly a choice. There are many aspects to ultimate achievement, from goalsetting and planning, to execution and follow-through. Whatever you endeavor to do and whatever stage of pursuit you are in, you will face difficulty, and usually the degree of difficulty will increase with the size of the goal. Triumphing is about the choices you make along the way. These choices are the 6 decisions. Anyone can succeed. It is simply a matter of following these fundamental truths and deciding to succeed every step of the way!

“After implementing these balance concepts my life went from feeling frustrated and harried to calm and in control. I am accomplishing more in my practice and working fewer hours. My personal life has improved too!” - Pamela A. Monetti, President, Life Plan Financial Services

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