Todd Burrier: Live Full Live Well (englisch)+ 6 Decisions for Success


Todd Burrier: Live Full Live Well (englisch)+ 6 Decisions for Success

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“This is a work of passion for all the people who have sacrificed too much for far too little. It’s never too late to change the way you live your life. It’s for people who are trying to get it all done but know that every day is just not what it could be. This book is a real, honest, approach to life that can help anyone of any age to have more joy, fulfillment, and productivity in their life through the achievement of balance.

You are going to learn specifically how to develop a balanced lifestyle with this book. You will not read about work-life balance here, because I believe that work-life balance is a misnomer. To even acknowledge the idea of work-life balance is to say that work is equivalent to life. It is not. Life is bigger by miles. There are many aspects of your life that make up what you have to balance. Work happens to be one of them. Work is very important, but so are many other things. You will learn how to balance everything in a way that I have proven to work for over a decade. You will learn how to participate fully in the lives of your children and your spouse, your career, your personal wellbeing, the hobbies and causes you care about, the friendships that matter, and more.” – Todd Burrier

Also included: Todd Burrier´s 6 Decisions for Success (Audio-CD)(englisch)

The Six Decisions for Success is an inspirational how to for anyone pursuing any endeavor - goalsetting and planning, to execution and follow-through

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